iPad Vs Laptop Pros And Cons

The iPad vs. laptop pros and cons, users must ask their self if it is a fair challenge. People believe that iPad should behave like a normal computer. On the other hand, an iPad still carries a heavy punch.

Comparison Between iPad vs Laptop

Size: While doing the comparison between iPad and laptop the first thing is the weight and size. The weights of the iPad are 1.6 lbs and it is simply a half-inch thick which is thinner than most of the laptops. It makes the iPad easy to store while traveling or while on the go during a crazy workday. The size of the iPad also makes it airport friendly as it is easier to carry than most of the laptops.

Battery Life: The iPad has a splendid 3. 75V, 24.8 watt-hour battery, which provides 10 hours of quality use and also enables you to charge the iPad faster than charging via USB from a laptop. If an iPad is fully charged that means you do not have to carry the adapter  around for the laptops daily charging while at work.

Functionality: Functionality and practicality are a huge factor when comparing the iPad vs. laptop pros and cons 2011.

Though the form of the iPad is like a tablet than that of the laptop, still there is some competition out there for the functionality between two. The laptop which opens up to an actual keyboard making it ideal for those users who often use keyboards, as the iPad is a tablet and has an on-screen keyboard, users at the same time say they were surprised to find that they typed at about the same speed on the iPad vs. the laptop.

Screen: Another advantage of the iPad is its screen can be seen from almost any angle, while the laptop screen cannot, on the other hand, if there is a light source in the room, the shiny iPad screen will pick up that glare.

iPads Are More Comfortable Than Laptops

One of the brilliant issues of the iPad is its security. While talking about the iPad vs. laptop pros and cons 2011 iPad are usually more comfortable and ideal for watching videos, surfing the Web and reading electronic books vs. the laptop.

While most of the business people have invested in iPads as a morale boosting measure for their workforce, the main drawback to using an iPad is the storage capacity and the lack of a USB port. If you’re a day to day user, and you do a lot of typings, then the iPad may not be the right choice for you.


So before choosing one you need to think about the purpose of use and Reasons to get an iPad. Laptops have their own benefits but when the questions come on iPad vs. laptop pros and cons 2011 it is dependent on the users’ preference and what basically that person is willing to give up in comfort-ability and functionality.

iPad vs Laptop – Pros And Cons

iPad™ vs Laptop
Item iPad Laptop
Consumption low medium
Content Creation / Productivity low high
Location Based Services non existent by design
USB Ports non existent by design
Journalist Oriented Device low high
Information Consumption User high medium
Inputing Data Performance low high
Price high low
Suitable As Professional Plataform low high
Suitable For Taking Notes high low
Suitable For Diagraming high low
Suitable For Mind Mapping high low
Portability high medium
Data Backing Up Speed very low fast
Easy To Share Presentations low high
Multi Task Operation non existent by design
Full Emailing Features low high
Adobe Flash Featured non existent high
WebCam non existent by design
Standard Office Applications non existent by design
Hardware Connectivity restricted broad
RAM Memory Capacity Limit 65 GB 2,000 GB
Software Application Capacity Apple Only Unlimited
Weight 1.6 lbs > 3 lbs
Eight 0.5 inches > 0.5 inches
Battery’s Hours Operation 10 hours < 8 hours

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