iPad vs Laptop

Everyone is always asking iPad vs laptop, which is better? It’s been a fair war between the manufacturers of the great iPad, and the laptop giants who have been ruling so far in the tech industry. So in one corner, we have the defending champion, the laptop, and in the other corner, the challenger, iPad.

Basic Features of an iPad

iPad designed and marketed by Apple Inc., equipped with 1 GHz processor and 256MB RAM covering up to a maximum storage of 64GB, using the same operating system as the Apple iPhones, the iPad also has the capability of WiFi and 3G service. The iPad only can run applications from the official Apple App Store and covers over thousands of apps such as a dictionary, music-making, writing, reading and games, etc. The touch screen of the iPad provides a very user friendly user interface which users will adapt easily.

Basic Features of Laptop

A laptop, similar to the desktop PC but instead is equipped to have the portability of a mobile phone. It is used for all sorts of purposes, from business to leisure, gaming to university; a laptop has the features and functionality to be the ultimate tool for anyone. Having about a 2.5 GHz clocking frequency, greater than 4 GB of RAM, multitasking and multitasking capacity, Blu-ray reader, speakers, HD LED display, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity, web cameras, HDMI ports, DVD drives and immense hard drive storage space, the laptop is the ultimate all in one tool for anyone.

iPad vs Laptop Comparison

• Size & Portability: The weight of the iPad is around 2 pounds, very easy to carry around, and half an inch thick. The laptop, on the other hand, is bulky, hard to carry nearby. If you are more of a traveler, then considering an iPad will be beneficial.

• Battery Life: iPad, equipped with a lightweight, small charger, covers straight 10hours and becomes ideal for daily use. A laptop on the other hand has a bulky and heavy charger, and runs up to 4 hours straight and hence the iPad proves to be a better choice in this category.

• Functionality: The iPad can do many things that a laptop can, but it’s simply not a laptop. Laptops can support core gaming, better graphics and numerous software that iPad can’t provide you. There is a physical keyboard in the laptop, and his proves to be beneficial comparative to the iPad as long extensive typing can lead to risks. The iPad is really meant for the casual users who don’t need much to get by.

• Cost of Device: The entry price for an iPad is about $400 and that of a laptop is about $500. At the end of the day, a well-equipped iPad is not significantly less expensive than a basic laptop. However, if anything, the cost of an iPad is lower. And, for those who need only the bare feature, an iPad truly is much cheaper than a laptop.

• Safety: The iPad stores encrypted data, and it is not as safe as the laptops for storing the private data and hence has safety issued for those who wish to keep their privacy of documents.

• Hardware connectivity: There are many external peripherals supports for a laptop but an iPad, on the other hand, hardly is equipped with any, and hence it falls short in this category.

• Keyboard: The lack of a physical keyboard can create many problems for iPad users as it restricts the user to type on a touch screen. Although Bluetooth’s keyboards can be used, but when carrying a second piece of hardware becomes necessary to get full functionality the advantages of having a tablet drop, and in that scenario, laptop is preferred over the iPad.

• Software and Screen Resolution: Viewing images on laptops, which have a resolution of up to 1399×768 pixels look quite better than the iPad which has a resolution of 1028×768 pixels. Laptop also proves to have immense storage for all types of software’s while iPad are restricted to only the apple developed software’s.

• Operating System (OS): Laptops have the capability of any OS like windows, Linux etc, but an iPad in this part proves to fall short. The OS of an iPad cannot be changed and hence the applications in the iPad are limited.

Which to choose: iPad or Laptop?

Choosing between an iPad and a Laptop should be the users’ choice, and therefore, the user must decide which features are required and hence which device outweighs the other. For users who prefer portability, efficiency and have a requirement for bare features, iPad becomes a good choice. On the other hand, users preferring more storage space, serious programming features, heavy-duty gaming, etc., a laptop becomes their preference.

The truth is that the iPad vs laptop debate is a never-ending  debate. At the end of the day, it truly depends on the user requirements. Business people who are particularly sensitive to workflow challenges or spend most of their time on the go may have a preference to an iPad rather than a laptop, as it is more efficient and potable on the go. For the more laid back casual users, iPad is a definitely a must while for the productivity people it does not fall on the standard. In any case, iPad indeed is becoming a more popular method for on the go computing but yet with increasing popularity the laptops are definitely here to stay.


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