Choose The Best iPad Stylus For You

ipad-stylus-comparisoniPad stylus is now becoming as the most popular accessory of the iPad and you can easily buy one of the best iPad stylus for yourself. Usually the price of the iPad stylus varies in between $5 to $15. Before buying one for you and going to the favorite gadget store you should know about the advantages of it so that you can get the best one out there.

iPad Stylus Pros

You can easily jump from one area to the next area by using an iPad stylus. By using the iPad stylus without the use of your finger you can simply navigate through the system. Most of the people are looking for the best iPad stylus for their mobile phones. There are many reasons behind this. The main reason behind this is its cost. It is very much cheap so that you can even get two for yourself.

It also offers artistic benefits to the users. It is not only giving the appealing site seeing people typing while they are in a meeting. It also offers a sense of professionalism you scrap notes through the iPad using a stylus, just like the past times when you use to write down notes to the yellow notebook.

The Advantages Of Using The Stylus

If you are using a stylus you will get a lot of advantages. There are many stylus are available in the market. Among them, you have to choose the best iPad stylus. Some of the best ones that are available in the market are:

Griffin Stylus for iPad or iPhone

This stylus has a stick that has a tip which is made of soft rubber. The stick looks like the finger part that touches your iPad screen. It is basically designed for both the right-handed and left-handed. It also has a clip that lets you clip it on your bag or the shirt. The cost of this stylus is around $19.99. Another popular stylus is the iPad Stylus from Box wave. It is available in many colors such as red, blue, black and silver. Its size and design are so wonderful that you can easily tap, drag click and write on the screen of your iPad


Navigating through the iPad will be much easier while you use an iPad stylus. You just have to select the best one for you. Some of the other iPad styluses are capacitive stylus pen combo from acase and the Pogo Sketch iPad Stylus. The capacitive stylus pen combo from acase has an inbuilt pen. It is not only used for an iPad, but also it can be used for any devices that have a capacitive touch screen. It can besides be clipped to the shirt or the bag. It is made up of metal. That is why it is durable. The cost of this type of stylus varies in between $12 to $19. Pogo Sketch iPad Stylus is known as another best iPad stylus that is designed for the capacitive touch screen of an iPad.

Photo Credit: Stefan Marjoram

The Best Stylus For iPad

Now-a-days iPad and its impact become very popular in the market and people are looking for the best stylus for iPad. The main reason behind why the iPad is selling more and more is because of its easy to use. The best thing you need to know about an iPad stylus is that you can use it instead of your fingers. It is an enormous way to navigate the system without having to use of your finger.

By using your fingers on a touch screen may be nice one, but it means that you are also having more chances to get a finger distorts on the screen that maybe  looks ugly and sometimes it is impossible to take out. This is the reason why most of the people opt for buying one best stylus for iPad. Some of the people may argue that your fingers are more natural but the styles are more accurate, and it is quite easier for the people to use a stylus as people are so used to using the pens and paintbrushes.

Advantage of the iPad Stylus

Another big advantage of the iPad stylus is that you can get it whatever you want and will also be able to get it at the reasonable price. To get a high quality tool that is designed for convenience, comfort and durability it will not cost more than $15. If you put all those things together you will easily be able to understand why buying one of the iPad stylus is a great idea.

Keeping in mind the amount that is spent to buy an iPad, it is quite natural that people are worried about the conditioner security of their screen. The most important thing is that when it comes to the screen of the iPad there is no easy and cheap solution other than replacing the whole iPad. This is why you should always go for buying one buying one best stylus for iPad. Using an iPad stylus is not only improving the writing speed, but it also protects your screen clean and unscratched.

Different Types Of iPad Stylus

There are a lot of varieties of iPad stylus available in the market. Some of them are very stylish in looks and there ar4e many colours and designs also available in the market. This stylus gives comfort as well as durability for any 10 of artistic design work should really be looking at a stylus which offers accuracy.

You try using iPad stylus averages exactly the same as to my pencil to that except this time you quite easily move it over to coral or photo shop. You may will be surprised at how much work he that reports, articles or images that have been greeted with iPad using iPad stylus. It also offers a sense of professionalism you scrap notes through the iPad using a stylus, just like the past times when you use to write down notes to the yellow notebook.

This is why you must have to select the best stylus for iPad for you to navigate through the iPad more comfortably.

iPad Vs Laptop Pros And Cons

The iPad vs. laptop pros and cons, users must ask their self if it is a fair challenge. People believe that iPad should behave like a normal computer. On the other hand, an iPad still carries a heavy punch.

Comparison Between iPad vs Laptop

Size: While doing the comparison between iPad and laptop the first thing is the weight and size. The weights of the iPad are 1.6 lbs and it is simply a half-inch thick which is thinner than most of the laptops. It makes the iPad easy to store while traveling or while on the go during a crazy workday. The size of the iPad also makes it airport friendly as it is easier to carry than most of the laptops.

Battery Life: The iPad has a splendid 3. 75V, 24.8 watt-hour battery, which provides 10 hours of quality use and also enables you to charge the iPad faster than charging via USB from a laptop. If an iPad is fully charged that means you do not have to carry the adapter  around for the laptops daily charging while at work.

Functionality: Functionality and practicality are a huge factor when comparing the iPad vs. laptop pros and cons 2011.

Though the form of the iPad is like a tablet than that of the laptop, still there is some competition out there for the functionality between two. The laptop which opens up to an actual keyboard making it ideal for those users who often use keyboards, as the iPad is a tablet and has an on-screen keyboard, users at the same time say they were surprised to find that they typed at about the same speed on the iPad vs. the laptop.

Screen: Another advantage of the iPad is its screen can be seen from almost any angle, while the laptop screen cannot, on the other hand, if there is a light source in the room, the shiny iPad screen will pick up that glare.

iPads Are More Comfortable Than Laptops

One of the brilliant issues of the iPad is its security. While talking about the iPad vs. laptop pros and cons 2011 iPad are usually more comfortable and ideal for watching videos, surfing the Web and reading electronic books vs. the laptop.

While most of the business people have invested in iPads as a morale boosting measure for their workforce, the main drawback to using an iPad is the storage capacity and the lack of a USB port. If you’re a day to day user, and you do a lot of typings, then the iPad may not be the right choice for you.


So before choosing one you need to think about the purpose of use and Reasons to get an iPad. Laptops have their own benefits but when the questions come on iPad vs. laptop pros and cons 2011 it is dependent on the users’ preference and what basically that person is willing to give up in comfort-ability and functionality.

iPad vs Laptop – Pros And Cons

iPad™ vs Laptop
Item iPad Laptop
Consumption low medium
Content Creation / Productivity low high
Location Based Services non existent by design
USB Ports non existent by design
Journalist Oriented Device low high
Information Consumption User high medium
Inputing Data Performance low high
Price high low
Suitable As Professional Plataform low high
Suitable For Taking Notes high low
Suitable For Diagraming high low
Suitable For Mind Mapping high low
Portability high medium
Data Backing Up Speed very low fast
Easy To Share Presentations low high
Multi Task Operation non existent by design
Full Emailing Features low high
Adobe Flash Featured non existent high
WebCam non existent by design
Standard Office Applications non existent by design
Hardware Connectivity restricted broad
RAM Memory Capacity Limit 65 GB 2,000 GB
Software Application Capacity Apple Only Unlimited
Weight 1.6 lbs > 3 lbs
Eight 0.5 inches > 0.5 inches
Battery’s Hours Operation 10 hours < 8 hours

The Strikes of iPad 3 Rumors

ipad 3 rumorsTechnology has a new face every day and by looking at iPad 3 rumors it can be truly said that it is a dynamic field. In view of this every day new gadgets appear on the market shelf with some or the other new features added to them to attract the customers. Before the actual product hits the market shelf it is their rumors that start circulating in the market about the new additions in the device. A similar thing is happening with Ipad 3 with its rumors circulating in the market.

OLED Screen

A lot of new rumors have sprung up regarding the release of iPad 3. Its features and appearance are the main thing that is currently being debated about. One of the such news is that the new Ipad 3 said to have an expensive OLED screen which makes the display look crystal clear as never before. Talks between the Apple and the Samsung Company are going on to place the LED technology into the iPad 3 which will certainly make it more attractive in the eyes of customers and will add to its appeal.

3D Glasses

Another inspiring rumor which most of the customers are praying to be true is that the new iPad is accompanied with an amazing pair of 3D glasses. This will be a treat for the 3D lovers. This could be synonymous with adding magic to the device. This will take iPad 3 to a new stage and will also raise the performance bar of such devices available in the market. This 3 D technology has already crept into many gadgets like these. Nintendo’s 3DS offers the viewers to view the screen with 3D glasses. Blackberry’s playbook also offers 3D viewing capability in it. Hence iPad may introduce it in order to gain the competitive edge in the market and also strengthen its position.

2GHz Dual core Processor

Following the above rumors one more is lined, which simply says that iPad 3 will be coming in with a more powerful processor such as 2GHz dual core processor. This will make iPad a super-fast working gadget with a high quality processor. Hence if this is true the iPad 3 will make an effective deal with so many heart throbbing features installed in it.


Hence the rumors is in place but the iPad 3 lovers will have to wait until this release to see what actually the iPad delivers. Furthermore, with this Apple will be launching its much awaited iPhone 5. There is no way that they are going to launch both of their premium products one after the other as in this way the company will be cannibalizing and competing with itself. It may be the reason that the launch of iPhone 5 has been delayed to tackle the circulating iPad 3.

Best Free iPad Apps

Best Free iPad AppsAfter many of the iPhone apps were introduced, there had to be some of the best free ipad apps were soon launched to attract the users of today. Majority of ipads are offering some amazing applications, which add to ipad’s beauty.


Firstly, the kindle for iPad is available, which is a free book reader. This can be purchased for free and can be read on ipad. The kindle reader iPad app does not consist of annoying gray scale book spine of the iBook reader but has a wide range of books for each age group.

Blackboard Mobile Learn:

Coming to knowledge, which is an essential element in our character. Similarly, iPad has an application named as the blackboard mobile learned. This is a classroom tool where teachers can create assignments, interrelate with the students, and help in writing blogs to post grades.


For grammars out there an iPad application has been introduced in ipad. This is known as scrabble, which is a classic word cross board game designed with wooden tiles that look realistic with the accurate touch screen system it is easy to slide tiles around the screen.


The other application is like having a DJ on your own ipad. It is the groove maker who is advantageous for the cool DJs out there. Through this the DJs can easily record and mix loops, add to drum parts, and adjust sound levels to make a song.


Another iPad application introduced is the field runners. This is a classic defense tower game for ipad where you drop cannons on the opposing army. On ipad this game looks crisp and colorful, but most importantly there is more room to plan out your strategy and divide up your units in a logical array.

Pianist Pro

For those who love music and love to play music this ipad is no doubt the best as it is installed with the application the pianist pro. On this ipad the keys are large enough to actually play a song. There are plenty of sampled piano sounds like a church organ, and it is quick to record.

WeatherBug Elite

Whilst, on the other hand, weather bug elite is a perfect example for the success of ipad. This application shows a well detailed map of your exact locations, forecasts and even camera feeds on ipad. There are even contour maps for wind speed and temperature.


Not just all but ipad also constitutes of another application, which is known as the keynote. This particular app is used to set up attractive slide show using Apple’s templates and stock artwork and run it on ipad’s crisp screen.

Mirror’s Edge

For clear graphics this ipad is the most useful as it consists of an application namely mirror’s edge. This specific application is a minimalistic game play mechanic. It is a game involving a girl who is running from her enemies, and it is mixed with action and different obstacles, which have to be cleared off to reach to her destination.

So would you like to download the best free iPad apps?

Best Free iPad Games

Best Free iPad GamesIn today’s modern world most of the teenagers love to play games, so they usually opt for best free iPad games. iPad have revolutionized the gaming experience for its users. iPad have to offer a complete interactive gaming experience which has really fascinated the users. Some of the games present in ipad are cut the rope holiday gift, fruit ninja HD lite, smurf’s village, puzzle planet, brick shooter Egypt, hungry shark, touch hockey, bakery store, can knock down and simply solitaire.

Super 7 Game

A hot favorite among these iPad games is Super 7. It includes a challenging game for the math lovers out there. It is basically a mixture of math and strategy puzzle. It consists of problem solving and puzzle solving stages, which really amuse the player. Another popular game is the we rule game. This game has a lot to offer to its players. It involves the player to build a kingdom, collect taxes and expand the infrastructure by playing through different levels.

Smurf’s Village

Smurf’s village is yet another amazing iPad game which an iPad has to offer. It consists of creating your own village while building bridges, gardens and doing construction all over the village. It involves exciting levels and tasks after which the player can obtain points to build bridges and gardens. This game also includes the Smurfs cartoon characters who are most popular among the young gamers.

Touch Hockey Extreme

Another popular favorite in an iPad game is the Touch Hockey Extreme. This is the most popular arcade game on the iPhone, and now it is available on the ipad series. This game has been advanced 3D graphics. It also includes multi touch gesture recognition, and it has turned the iPad into a virtual hockey table.

Bakery Story

For the young female games out there the iPad has a popular game namely Bakery Story. This game is a replica of Café World, which is a popular Facebook game. This game lets the player to form her own virtual bakery and make different bakery items to make the bakery rating go up. The players can make pastries and other items to earn points and make their customers happy. It is an interesting adventure where the player can actually experience of what it feels like to run a bakery.

Can Knockdown

Another wonderful addition to the game’s list is of Can Knockdown. This game is simple yet exciting. It involves throwing a ball to a heap of cans piled up. It involves an amazing experience where the players roll their fingers on the ipad screen with enough velocity towards the cans and make them fall down. The difficulty level increases as the level of the game increases.


Hence these games make the ipad an attractive item to buy as it provides a great deal of a class games which have made it popular among the ipad users. in brief in increasing its popularity the best free ipad games have played a major role.

iPad 2 Tips & Tricks

Multi color iPad 2Apple has launched its iPad 2 (There has been an iPad 3 rumors that it is under development phase) which is not exactly like your laptop and PC (which has more features and complexity) but actually, more fun with limited features. iPad 2 uses iOS which is fast, smooth and can perform multitask operations.

Following are some tools and tips:

iPad User Guide and Tour Guide Videos – Download user guide in the pdf format from Apple store or read it on iBook. To read User Guide on iBook first of you will have to install iBook application, which is available on apple store. This guide book will help you on how to use iPad and its different features. There are numbered of applications on apple store, but they cost money so before installing any application on your iPad. First of all, the look at the tour video available on apple store about that application so that you know how to use that application.

Multitasking iPad – iOS support’s multitasking operations. By pressing the home button twice it will bring up the list of the running applications. The multitasking bar can be moved left to right to gain quick access to audio and video playback controls. It also contains a shortcut to the iTunes application. IPod 3 rumors are that it will be with glass-free 3d features.

Backup – In iPad 2 you can encrypt backup data in iTunes. You can check “Encrypt iPad Backupby opening iTunes, then clicking the summary tab, click options.

AutoFill Feature – In iPad 2 you can enable an auto fill feature in Safari browser in Settings, Safari, and Auto fill. Through this option, safari can fill forms automatically.

Jailbreak for Additional Features – If you want additional features for your iPad 2 you should consider an application jailbreak (which will void your iPad warranty, and you will have to take full responsibility for anything that goes wrong with your iPad). Through jailbreak, you can use the camera connection kit to read USB sticks and SD card directories. Jailbreak includes iPad ready version of Wi-Fi sync, Winterboard and Dashboard. Through jailbreak, you can use the mouse and run game console emulator. In other words, jailbreak gives you an option to use those applications which apple restricts you from doing.

Universal Access – Voice screen readability, magnified text and icons, captioned films and white-on-black text can be enabled and disabled. Go to iTunes, opening the summary tab, options and then click on Configure Universal Access.

Type Faster – While typing you can double tap the spacebar. This will type a period and then a space.

Change Default Passcode – In iOS there is a default password. You can easily turn it off and change it to a much better passcode (a full keyboard password ) by going to Settings, General, Passcode Lock and then click Simple Passcode.

Syncing bookmarks with PC Browser – iTunes can be used to sync iPad bookmarks with PC browser. To do it, open the iPad tab in iTunes, then click the info tab, other heading, then click sync bookmarks with and then choose the browser.

Best Social Networking Apps for the iPad

Social Networking iPad AppsTechnology has moved to its ultimate sphere by the introduction of iPad technology. If we take a look around us, we will find many versatile best free iPad Apps which are really equipped with latest technology to provide a unique experience in social networking applications. Due to such a unique and marvelous state of the art technology, it is now very easy to access all of your social networking activities from your iPad. If you ask me, i have not seen such an amazing apps so far. Social networking apps are specifically designed for iPad, and these apps does get the job done within no time. They’re fun to use, and several of them are free for you to experience.

Tweet DeckFree

TweetDeck for iPad

Tweet Deck is the best way to stay in touch with what’s happening now on Twitter for your iPad. Tweet Deck’s iPad optimized interface shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organized and up to date wherever you are. Besides, you can dig into real time searches, tweet, re-tweet and keep yourself informed about the ongoing across the world.

Talking about the drawbacks, I guess there are no major drawbacks of this application except that using it for a long period of time may strain the battery a bit.


AIM for iPad

AIM is the next popular social apps and this has added to its popularity. It is also suggested app for all those who use ipad 2. The most liked feature is that you can chat directly with your Facebook and Google talk friends. Users can organize many user names and then can switch between them any time. It is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 4.2 or later.

One main obstacle could be the operating system compatibility otherwise it is a top application to use.


Friendly social apps for ipad

Facebook is the major item that crosses the mind of many when one talks about social networks. So, the next in our list is the much required Facebook app for the iPad. It flaunts to bring desktop like ease with your daily tasks on Facebook like updating status, sharing photos, placing comments, chatting and so on. Moreover, you can safeguard the account with a password access. Thus, this is the most popular best free iPad app available. There isn’t any major drawback of this application as it is a must-have for the ipad users.

Hoot suite – Free

Hootsuite social apps for ipad

Hoot suite has been well-known in the arena for social networking for a very long time. Owing to its reputation, it has introduced yet another exciting application for the iPad which allows various new features for the users. It allows free streaming of videos with a fun-filled  experience along with social messaging. It also supports multi-tasking functions.


Yelp social apps for ipad

Yelp is known to be the another masterpiece application for the iPad. It offers a range of attractive services and features, which amaze the users.It has an attractive and user friendly interface to offer, which makes it easy to operate. If we compare it with the other versions, it tends to eradicate the additional features of the normal yelp application.

Twitter for iPad – Free

Twitter for iPad social apps

Twitter, as it is the most popular on the World Wide Web also so for iPad, it has proven to offer an exciting twitter client for the iPad users.Its main unique feature is of allowing separate twitter accounts to be used in one application, is adding to its popularity. The mentioned drawbacks include too many small windows on the same screen seems to irritate the user, and this could only be its drawback.


Gowalla for iPad

Gowalla can be used as a social travel guide and passport on your iPad or phone. You can record your adventure everywhere. It will keep track of all the cities, states and countries you visit. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It required iOS 4.0 or later.


wordpress for iPad

Its a great experience of working on the 10-inch screen, sounds awesome, isn’t it? The WordPress applications which are specifically designed  for the iPad, provides just the feeling are looking for. It is also seems to like a piece of cake to manage the website or a blog with the help of Apple device and of course this application makes the work much easier. The app consist of various features which allows to make changes in comments, publishing as well as editing posts with videos and images.

Hence using these dynamic apps may deliver you with a whole new browsing experience with your iPad.

Best Android Apps for Health and Fitness

Android Apps for Health and FitnessWho doesn’t like to stay fit and healthy? Certainly, we all do! But when it comes to keeping up with a healthy physique and maintaining a balanced lifestyle, our strenuous work routines and tough deadlines come up as big and challenging hurdles in front of us right?

If you are amongst those who are conscious about their health and well-being and you own an Android phone too, well, here’s the good news! Now, you can download some of the Best Free Android apps related to health and fitness.

Backpacker GPS Trails:

Got a flair for hiking? Do you want to map measure and share your hiking adventures with just a single click? How about getting instant access to tons of GPS-enabled hikes? Well, Backpacker GPS Trails app for Android offers you just that! It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s free. All you have to do is to download the app and convert your Android phone into a top navigating device and your exclusive portable trip database.

Nike Boom:

A good and persistent work-out session needs constant motivation right? Well, that’s what Nike Boom app does! It motivates you to stay healthy and take care of yourself, how? All you have to do is to download Nike Boom app and choose your favorite sport, the type or the length of the training session and of course your desired playlist. That’s it! You will get tons of encouraging and motivational words from renowned athletes and coaches related to the sports you have chosen throughout your workout session. Get this app today!

Instant Heart Rate Pro:

As the name implies, Instant Heart Rate Pro app will keep a check on your heart rate as you set off on your daily workout regime be it walking, aerobics, cycling or any other sport. One of the exciting features Instant Heart Rate Pro app offers is using the camera of your Android device and flash to track down the changes in color in the light that moves through your index finger especially when you are working out or exercising and new blood is pumped with each heartbeat in just 10 seconds.

BMI Calculator:
BMI Calculator is an app which is used to determine the body mass index of any person aged 20 years and above. With the help of BMI Calculator app, you can convert your measurements both in centimeters and kilograms as well as in inches or pounds. It’s a smart and popular Android app for keeping a check on your body mass index.

Pocket Yoga:
Are you a fan of yoga? Then, Pocket Yoga is a must-have Android app for you! Hit the mat wherever you are with this app and learn about new techniques and easy solutions to make your yoga experience more fulfilling and satisfying. Stay healthy and feel good about yourself with this exclusive Android app. Just get it today!

Calorie Counter:

With so many food temptations and delicious cuisines around us, keeping a check and balance on our daily calorie intake is not always possible. Well, Calorie Counter app will do the work for you here. Just downloaded the Calorie Counter app for free from Android app store and monitor your food intake and the number of calories you are ingesting every day with ease!

Although there are countless apps that can be downloaded from online Android app store but we have listed some of the Best Free Android Apps related to health and fitness so go ahead and download them today!

Reasons to Get an iPad

reasons to get an ipad 2There are numerous reasons to get an iPad, some of which are stated below.

1- Weight: The apple iPad is thin and light in weight which makes it easy to carry around, almost anywhere. At the moment, it is the thinnest tablet present in the market, thinner than the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

2- Battery Life: The iPad has a longer battery life. With a graphics processor and a faster CPU present, you can still play games, use facebook or perform other tasks, approximately for 10 hours. If you are not one of the heavy users, a sensible use of the iPad can make its battery last for a day.

3- Screen: The apple iPad is undoubtedly very attractive. The large screen is cool and gives you a larger than life experience one you hold the iPad in your hands. The Product is fashionable so everyone desires to be affiliated with the apple company.

4- iPad Applications: The Apple Company reported that there have been launched 65,000 applications for the iPad 2 and the number keeps rising every day. So your addiction with the applications will be satisfied as there are several applications present out there for you if you purchase an iPad.

5- iPad Games: Amongst gamers, iPad has gained fame as you can play games by slightly tilting the tablet or with the tip of your finger. The big LCD screen is incomparable with a captivating gaming experience. With the latest and enhanced elements added to the games, the tablet is pulling non-gamers towards itself as well.

6- Camera: Another reason to get an iPad is the camera. There are two cameras present, one at the front and the other at the back. Both of these cameras work together and can produce High Quality pictures and videos. The front camera makes video conferencing easy for you. You can have a face-to-face conversation with your friend. Switching to the back camera while talking enables your friends to see what’s going on around you. Using certain application you can edit your pictures. With the iMovie download your videos can be edited and the video recording becomes more impressive.

7- iPad Covers: The cool new stylish covers provide you with another reason to get an iPad. The smart covers protect the screen of the iPad in a magical way. The magnets present in the covers turn the screen off when the iPad is not in use. The smart covers are available in 10 different colors. With the help of the smart covers your iPad can stay scratchless for a long period of time.

8- Connectivity: 3G and the Wi-Fi connect you to the rest of the world no matter where you are. Use Wi-Fi to surf the internet but if you’re at a place where Wi-Fi is unavailable, use the 3G connectivity to check your facebook notifications or get directions.

9- Multimedia: The iCloud is an application which saves your data such as your photos, documents, music files and wirelessly transfers them to other devices of yours like your apple iPhone or your iMac so there is no need for you to connect your iPad via the USB cable to other devices and transfer your items.

10- Price: You are provided with another reason to get an iPad because of its price. The prices have been lowered internationally which has forced other companies to reduce the prices of their tablets. The iPad can be entitled as the price leader as it is somehow affordable for those who wish to purchase it.

So if you read our post about ipad vs laptop and thinking to buy an iPad, don’t waste your time. Just go and get it as the iPad is way better than a huge, heavy laptop. Apart from these reasons, there are several other reasons to get an iPad as it is aesthetically appealing and compelling.