The iPad is one of the most useful tablets there is thanks to its innovative interactive design and access to helpful apps. Did you know over 99% of today’s apps come from Apple? Follow us today to discover the hottest games, what free apps are the best to use, and what paid apps are actually worth the purchasing price. We’ll even take a look at the tech hacks to see how realistic and helpful they might be!

Choose The Best iPad Stylus For You

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iPad stylus is now becoming as the most popular accessory of the iPad and you can easily buy one of the best iPad stylus for yourself. Usually the price of the iPad stylus varies in between $5 to $15. Before buying one for you and going to the favorite gadget store you should know about […]

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The Best Stylus For iPad

Now-a-days iPad and its impact become very popular in the market and people are looking for the best stylus for iPad. The main reason behind why the iPad is selling more and more is because of its easy to use. The best thing you need to know about an iPad stylus is that you can […]

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iPad Vs Laptop Pros And Cons

The iPad vs. laptop pros and cons, users must ask their self if it is a fair challenge. People believe that iPad should behave like a normal computer. On the other hand, an iPad still carries a heavy punch. Comparison Between iPad vs Laptop Size: While doing the comparison between iPad and laptop the first […]

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The Strikes of iPad 3 Rumors

Technology has a new face every day and by looking at iPad 3 rumors it can be truly said that it is a dynamic field. In view of this every day new gadgets appear on the market shelf with some or the other new features added to them to attract the customers. Before the actual […]

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Best Free iPad Apps

After many of the iPhone apps were introduced, there had to be some of the best free ipad apps were soon launched to attract the users of today. Majority of ipads are offering some amazing applications, which add to ipad’s beauty. Kindle: Firstly, the kindle for iPad is available, which is a free book reader. […]

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Best Free iPad Games

In today’s modern world most of the teenagers love to play games, so they usually opt for best free iPad games. iPad have revolutionized the gaming experience for its users. iPad have to offer a complete interactive gaming experience which has really fascinated the users. Some of the games present in ipad are cut the […]

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iPad 2 Tips & Tricks

Apple has launched its iPad 2 (There has been an iPad 3 rumors that it is under development phase) which is not exactly like your laptop and PC (which has more features and complexity) but actually, more fun with limited features. iPad 2 uses iOS which is fast, smooth and can perform multitask operations. Following […]

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Best Social Networking Apps for the iPad

Technology has moved to its ultimate sphere by the introduction of iPad technology. If we take a look around us, we will find many versatile best free iPad Apps which are really equipped with latest technology to provide a unique experience in social networking applications. Due to such a unique and marvelous state of the art technology, it is […]

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Best Android Apps for Health and Fitness

Who doesn’t like to stay fit and healthy? Certainly, we all do! But when it comes to keeping up with a healthy physique and maintaining a balanced lifestyle, our strenuous work routines and tough deadlines come up as big and challenging hurdles in front of us right? If you are amongst those who are conscious […]

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Reasons to Get an iPad

There are numerous reasons to get an iPad, some of which are stated below. 1- Weight: The apple iPad is thin and light in weight which makes it easy to carry around, almost anywhere. At the moment, it is the thinnest tablet present in the market, thinner than the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. 2- Battery Life: […]

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