The New Face of iPhone Travel Apps

iphone apps for travelersApplications such as the iPhone travel apps have changed the software landscape for the iPhone series’s cell phones. Language, accommodation, culture, cuisine and entertainment are the five common requirements which have to be fulfilled by any iPhone for a traveler. Thus along with these some travel apps have to be there to support the travelers along their journey.
Flight Status

Flight Status is one of the best iPhone travel apps which will help you know how late your flight is running or the status of any other flight, which is about to take off. It is easy to use this app for flight information from over 4250 airports across the world. Along with this its trip saved feature will help you in saving some important information regarding airline, flight number, departure date and time. So you will never forget your flight timings.

If you are always forgetting something or the other than you should get a packing iPhone app. This will allow you to have a complete list of your items you need whilst on a journey. This app is the mostly recommended iPhone travel app or travel organizer and comes with a large database of built in common travel items. This app acts as your personal packing assistant.

Google Earth

Coming to guidance, the Google Earth iPhone app will turn your iPhone into a personal transporter. Google Earth is used to search for areas or cities, and it will give you a choice of results. It displays images and Wikipedia information of an area if available. It will be fun time to spend time looking at different images and landmarks of the cities you are going to visit. However, this Google app depends on internet connection because the maps require a large volume of real time data transferring.


There is much iPhone travel apps available but yelp iPhone app is the mostly recommended for the travelers. The yelp app for an iPhone is used to tap quick links to find nearby restaurants, cafes and much more. This is an essential app which directs you to the best food and items that benefit you instead of ruining your health.

Trip Advisor App

Once when you have decided for the holiday your next step is to use the Trip Advisor app. This amazing app allows you to search for flights and hotels. You can also search for sightseeing and restaurants. The sky scanner is moreover a quick and convenient way to book flights from any location to any destination. It also provides you necessary or alternative booking agents like Epicedia.

London Tube Deluxe

The London tube deluxe will become your best friend. This informs you of the train’s timings, and it is only available to the people living in London. It provides a map to direct through a journey and locates your selected stations.


Lastly, Kayak is another app which will benefit you whist traveling. This is a good alternative and has a really nice appearance. It not only helps you to travel safely, but it provides you with maps in any corner of the world.

So would you like to install any of these iPhone travel apps?

Best Free iPhone Apps

Best Free iPhone AppsIn this modern world of technology many people look forward to particular apps like some best free iPhone apps which are mainly Amazon, AOL radio, chorus, dragon dictation and many more. These applications act as catalysts in increasing the value of an iPhone like the new iphone 5G is normally famous for the number of applications present in it.

Amazon App for an iPhone

One of the applications is Amazon, who is located in the first place during a fit of impulsive buying. Product searches, comparisons and account management is already present but the real thing that shapes up the iPhone apps is a new feature called “Remembers”. The main advantage is that even by mistake if you take a mysterious picture of a product or something, and then you upload it on Amazon one can see the difference in the graphics and accuracy.

AOL Radio

AOL radio is the mode of more radio content than the actual radio could ever have. Tailored stations are great no doubt but AOL stations have their own identity and charm.


Not just all but some best free iPhone apps like Chorus help you find other apps. Chorus is a bit resembling to apple’s native app store except for drastically shifted emphasis. Chorus is also recommended by friends who use chorus.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon dictation is another app which is the center of attraction for the teenagers. It is amazingly accurate software that costs dollars to be installed in iphone of today. Dragon dictation develops the best speech recognition engine in your own iPhone. Although it is free but will not last to forever so hurry and get the dragon dictation installed within your iPhone apps.


After these applications, there are some more, which add to the beauty of iPhones. E.G. dropbox which keeps selecting files in sync between your iPhone and computer with less efforts, and it is available with 2GB of online storage free. Similarly, dictionary is an unforgettable element which helps in improving vocabulary and provides uninterrupted support whenever it is needed.


Some of the iPhones apps also have the cooking applications installed and the most famous is “Epicurious”. This is the only cooking app which provides with over a thousand recipes, shopping list feature and meal suggestions. This app will surely make you a splendid cook.


Social networking sites are a great need to the generation of today like Facebook. This is the only site which is most famous and friends usually want to stay in touch with their friends so this is installed for the young generation in the iPhone apps.

Google Earth

Google, the widely used site for information has installed an amazing earth touring app which is mainly known as the “Google Earth”. This is also available in iPhone’s and ipad’s. This helps in touring the whole world and helps you in visiting those areas which are truly unimaginable.

Photoshop App for an iPhone

Coming to photography, some of the phones do not support good graphics and thus some app have to be installed for them. Photoshop is one of the photographic sites, which help in adding texture to the photos.

So would you recommend the best free phone apps for your iphone?

iPhone Note Taking Apps

The users in the iPhone arena have an excessive need for note taking. Hence this highlights the significance of towing out the accurate note taking application and making effective use of it. This involves using the apps for prioritizing their duties and jobs and this helps in enhanced handing of tasks and duties. There are numerous applications available pertaining to note taking. These have a range of benefits to offer. Some involve directly drawing the pad and listing of duties, while other involve the user to type the preferred notes according to his preference. Evernote LogoHence from such a wide variety if someone has to single out the best free iphone app available then it is sure a daunting task.

Evernote – free to $45 per year for Premium

A person looking for an application of enjoyment then Ever note is the right application for them. It offers various amazing and new features for taking notes a blink of an eye. In its fresh edition it has made the browsing feature and the note taking feature in a single screen. Hence now it shows the note taking in a snippet view. This has brought many user towards the application. This has showed that it is very useful for the user.Awesome Note (+Todo) App Logo Thus it is a favorite app among the best free iPhone apps available.

Awesome Note (+Todo) $3.99

Awesome Note is another great application among the others. This has made taking notes the easiest task through is welcoming interface and enables to take notes while aligning them with the calendar dates. Hence now you could even save notes date wise and set notes to be taken on future dates. It allows syncing your notes with other documents which makes your work more prone to be pooled with your friends.

Microsoft OneNote MobileMicrosoft OneNote Mobilefree for a limited time

Another dynamic note taking app is the Microsoft OneNote Mobile. This allows advanced search options to locate your notes. Users can create note folders to store notes. These can in future be shared online via sync. It also allows creating shopping list for the shoppers. Catch Notes LogoTogether with this it attempts to create a list of seminars if you plan for a business tour.

Catch – free

Moving on Catch is another best free iphone app that users need in their iPhone. It allows you to show your creativity and create fancy notes according to your preference. It includes a feature of private and public note taking.

Moleskine – free

Moleskine AppsThis allows you to create fancy notes and to choose the base on which you desire to create your notes. It helps you to show your creativity on paper through writing notes, drawing images and creating sketches. Hence it is an emerging favorite application.

On seeing the above features it seems that the note taking apps are essential applications to have in your iPhone. Therefore all iPhone users must have these apps to make their note taking experience a memorable one.