How to Buy a Laptop Computer

How to Buy a Laptop ComputerIf you have stopped buying a laptop then you would consider the following features of the laptop. While buying a laptop you may think about its processor, system memory, graphics memory, screen, battery, keyboard pointing, optical and other devices, hard drive and weight and size. Here is the list of items to consider if you really want to know specifically how to buy a netbook.

Key Ingredients to be Considered:

In this modern world, laptops mainly have dual-core processors which have gained much popularity. For example in the new notebooks you may see that the processors are mainly of Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, and Core 2 Extreme. This represents steps up in computing power for laptops. Some note books use AMD.

The processor is considered to be the engine of the personal computer and same is the case with the laptops. The latest laptops in the market have dual or quad core processors which are capable of processing 2 to 4 times faster than the predecessors, It is advised to double check before purchasing a laptop that the features and ad-ons that you are looking for are actually present in the system.

System Memory

When buying a laptop, the minimum memory is of 2GB of memory system. Whilst some of the note books consists of 3GB of RAM or even more. A 32-bit OS can’t efficiently use more than 3GB of RAM. A 64-bit version can go higher. Outfitting your laptop with more RAM at the time you buy it is convenient and helps you extend its useful life. Thus while buying a laptop you are to be considerate about the system memory so that you can store a lot of stock.

Graphics Memory

When are you buying a laptop another point to be noted is that you should consider the graphics memory. The graphics memory should be ATI/AMD from Intel. Some laptops require scalable Link interface. This helps in running multiple graphics in one machine.

Display & Screen

There has been a recent trend of users demand bigger screens. A laptop should have a screen of 13 to 15 inches on an average. This helps the user to view large pages or lengthy excel sheets in one go and make their work easier. Following this the screen size of 16 inches is becoming a hot favorite.

Battery Timing

Battery life which was once a debated issue among the buyers has now been resolved by the major companies. Nowadays the laptops in the market have an average of 3.5 hours battery life. This can be improved by the companies if they try to cut features in their model which are power hungry and are a strain on battery power.

Hard drive

The capacity of the hard disk is yet another area where laptop companies have come up with innovative solutions. They are providing the latest models with extended hard disk drives and also include sold state drives which are faster and lighter to use than the conventional hard drives.

Weight and Bay Design

The trend of light weight netbooks is in these days. On an average the weight of the laptops have come under 3 pounds. Hence when planning to buy a laptop it is essential to keep in mind that the weight of the laptop must be considered together with the weight of the charger and the extra batteries that come with the notebook itself.

Hence while going for a purchase of a netbook, it is a must to know about what featured to be looked for and how to buy a netbook to make it a good experience for you.

Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch Review

Apple MacBook Pro 15-inchIn Apple Mac-Book Pro 15-inch review, we will discuss about its key features what it has and how better these features work. While discussing about its key features, we will be able to know how to buy a laptop which has everything desirable. Now let’s talk about its Design, heat test, keyboard and touch pad, its unique audio and display, ports and thunderbolt, its face time, HD camera, its performance, graphics, battery life, Software and warranty.

Mac-book Price:
However, the price range of this unique apple Mac-Book Pro 15-inch starts from $1,799 to $2,199) which is quite a high but of, we talk about its design and its incredible features, you will be astonished by its charismatic features because it’s an absolutely itself there is no other thing in comparison with its unique features. The only problem is the price, which is not that affordable, but if you have heard about the more the cash the better the thing, then I guess Apple Mac-Book Pro is the right choice of laptop.

It’s a modern designed laptop which looks classy and unique at the same time it has a metal body which has aluminum rounded edges its upgraded components are hard drive and RAM. Also it has a dimension of (14.4×9.8×1 inches) its weight is about (5.6 pounds). It’s not very easy to carry along with, but if you want to, then you have to make its special bag in which can easily place it and carry along with you whenever you want it to be.

Mac-book Pro Heat Test:
Before its launch, this app has given a heat test by the manufacturers and during the heat test of about 15 to 20 minutes the app was given a hulu video full screen test and after the test, the results were recorded as 90 degrees Fahrenheit between H and G keys. Furthermore, the touch pad measures about 82 degrees, and the overall notebook resisted an uncomfortable level of about 106 degrees.

The Touch pad And The Keyboard:
Its unique keyboard and touch pad have isolated keys are easy, soft and comfortable while typing the documents and URLs. Its unique feature is this that these keys glows in the dark and enables you to write easily.

Recording And Video Sharing:
It has 1.5 android which has the ability to share videos and even record them also it’s easy to share videos and record them also sending them via internet through email. Also from the internet you can easily upload a video through You Tube also uploading up images with the help of MMS.

Also can upload two three videos at the same time also using internet in this apple laptop is easier and comfortable.

Images uploading, Battery Time, HD Camera And Graphics:
Loading up of images using Apple Mac-Book Pro is incredible you can upload images in no time using picsa images also from the social networking in no time you can share images through Google just by a few clicks also it has a storage of about 1GB for photos. Also it has an HD camera which gives you high quality of images with absolutely amazing graphics. It has incredible battery time of 7 hours.

Blue-tooth and Hands free:
Now you can make Blue-tooth and hands free calls via Mac-Book Pro in no time its 1.5 Android Blue-tooth supports stereo Blue-tooth.

Final Thoughts:
About all the above discussion Apple Mac-book Pro is an incredible device to use difficulty to carry along with but its key features are absolutely amazing to use also when using the device one feels larger than life its absolutely fun to use but is expensive then its rivals at the same time.

How to Buy a Desktop PC Guide

how to buy a desktop pc guideThere are many ways to buy a desktop PC also people have their own ways to buy a PC depending upon their level of preferences some like it this way and some like it that way what so ever the ways are people are always looking to buy those products which are durable, long-lasting and also reliable. However there are some possibilities which are revealed to ensure you a list of better ways to buy a desktop PC and a gaming PC and will definitely solve the problem of how to buy a desktop PC and how to buy a gaming PC?

Buying and selling was not that easy task in the couple of past years however due to the advancement in technology everything now seems to be possible. There are many possibilities in doing a single thing just like buying and selling a computer or an electronic device has become so easy however one need to keep its preferences in mind. People usually go for a product which is of high quality and which is within their budget also they prefer things which are more durable long lasting and which give them benefit. Customers want to buy such products which give them full benefits in short they want to save their investment. So lets talk about buying a desktop PC which can be a safer investment if you follow the following steps carefully these steps will let you know how to buy a gaming PC and how to buy a desktop PC?

How To Buy A Desktop PC and a Gaming PC?

Your First Priority Should Be Your Budget:
Keeping the budget in mind you can easily decide the type of system which you want to buy it does not mean at all that higher the budget the better the product however it is true but not 100% as the buyer must know how to buy a product and also not everyone knows how to buy.
If you are already saving then it means you have prepared your mind to do the purchasing on the certain Desktop PC on which is mind is already set.

The Type Of System To Be Purchased:
Also it depends which type of desktop system you want to purchase a high tech quality system, a medium tech quality system or another preferred type of depending upon your needs also the components of the PC matters not all of its components are compatible in the case ordering a PC of your choice many a customers write their preferred components on a list and then they order it to the company or the manufacturers.So my point is there are different ways of purchasing depending upon an individual’s priorities.

Doing Homework Is Very Important:
Just like before a big day in your life you do well prepare yourself and for that you do homework same way it is likeable to do your homework and prepare a list of components of a Desktop PC before buying.

Window Shopping Is Important Before Shopping:
Before a purchase better do a survey of various markets and know the prices and the rates also the quality of the product. This survey will definitely help you in getting a better product for sure and this will help you know how to buy a desktop computer and how to buy a gaming PC?

Comparing The Prices:
It is an obvious thing that a price rate of one product is different from one market to another so always search the market compare the prices and the quality of the product as well because it is seen that same product has prices in different markets however the quality of the product also varies.

Check The Warranty And Terms And Condition For That Product:
Before buying an electronic device well read the terms and conditions of that product because they vary from brand to brand as apple company has different terms and conditions than Sony company so better be careful while doing a purchase this will help you save your investment in a better way.

How to Buy a Mini laptop Computer

hp mini laptop pinkA mini laptop is actually a kind of a net book which is light weight a kind of a compact computer in short an essential for daily writing and managing the routine work also a mini laptop have all the advanced features of a net book where you can do the internet browsing can easily create and save your documents without any trouble. You can carry this net book any where you go like if you want to do the traveling all you need to do is pack your mini laptop along with your belongings and travel safely with it. Also this mini laptop has its own safe case which is also dust and water proof so you need not to worry on your investment.

There are several benefits and good uses of this mini laptop whether you are a student, a business man a house wife if you won a mini laptop you can manage and do your work in no type or in other words lesser time will be spend in managing and doing work.

Like many other electronic products you need to have do a good survey of the market before doing a purchase its essential before spending an amount of cash on your desired product you must be aware of its pros and cons.

There is a trick involves in buying and selling products as not everyone can buy and sell properly however you must be ware of some points or another words there are some rules to be followed .

How to Buy a Mini Laptop?

Buying a laptop is neither that difficult nor easy either but you must be aware of a few points. This is an understood fact that when the heart has a strong desire of having something particular or if your heart wants a product badly the brain stops working. So I guess the first and the foremost technique involves in buying is listen to your brain more and not the heart as a heart won’t be looking for the cons of the product but a brain does.

Do The Market Surveys:
It is however very important to do a well survey of all the electronic markets available in your area and even if the markets are far away from your area or not available within the city then visit outside the city to do the survey. However without doing a survey you cannot have the right product for you.

Also in some cases the markets are outside the city or for instance doing a survey of all the markets would be just perfect as more of the survey ends up in buying a right product for sure.

Your Budget Is all What Matters:
Keep in you mind that the right budget is everything what my point is if you have more savings then you will end up in buying a good product. Also do keep your budget in mind and then buy a product a mini laptop is not that small budget product it almost costs a full size laptop but the price won’t be the exactly the same there would be a difference also it depends on the brands as different brands have their won price tags and different price range.

Features Of A Mini-Laptop:
In how to buy a mini laptop or how to buy a netbook its features must be kept in notice as there are different features depending upon the brand and the size of the product.

Battery Size:
Always look for a 6 cell battery size as for a mini laptop a 6 cell size battery is just perfect or you can also look for a laptop in which the battery size is of 6 cells and not less than that.

Screen Size:
A screen size for a mini laptop must be of 9 to 10 inches and not bigger than that as bigger the screen the poor the graphics of a mini laptop so in how to buying a netbook you must be looking for the right ne book which has a proper screen size. So these were a few instructions when buying a netbook does keep them in mind.