iPad vs Kindle Fire

With the launch of the Amazon’s new tablet Kindle Fire, many are seriously dubbing that the Kindle Fire has become a serious competitor of the iPad. Along with the launch of the iPad, Kindle Fire has definitely set a good competition in the market. Hence the hottest topic of tablet wars is iPad vs Kindle Fire.

Basic features of iPad

iPad designed and marketed by Apple Inc., equipped with 1 GHz processor and 256MB RAM covering up to a maximum storage of 64GB, using the same operating system as the Apple iPhones, the iPad also has the capability of WiFi and 3G service. The iPad only can  run applications from the official Apple App Store and covers over thousands of apps such as a dictionary, music-making, writing, reading and games, etc.

Basic features of Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire, launched by Amazon, is a 7 inch multi touch tablet IPS technology and runs the Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. Equipped with 1-GHz Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 dual-core processor, 8GB of internal storage, 512 RAM, WiFi, USB and official Amazon Appstore, it is definitely a competitive cutting-edge  tablet technology. With built in email, music software, etc., the Kindle Fire also comes with a 5GB cloud storage from Amazon.

iPad vs Kindle Fire: Comparison

• Screen Size and Resolution: The Kindle Fire is a mini tablet around 7 inches and has a resolution of 1024×600 pixels. iPad, on the other hand, is a larger tablet covering about 9.7 inch and having a High Definition resolution 1024×768 pixels and hence the iPad has a bigger and crisper display than Kindle Fire.

• Battery Life: The Kindle Fire lasts up to 8 hours straight, but the drawback comes when the device is used with WiFi as its battery decreases rapidly. For iPad, on the other hand, the battery works straight 10 hours.

• Data Connection: Kindle Fire supports only WiFi, and here iPad lead the debate as it has WiFi as well as 3G and 4G support.

• Processor and Memory: Kindle Fire processor although a dual core falls short than the iPad. The new iPad has a quad core processor and a full 1GB of RAM as well therefore providing smoother and faster browsing.

• Storage: The Kindle Fire comes with a fixed 8GB storage only, while the iPad has variable storage capacities ranging from 16 GB to 64GB.

• Software: As the Kindle Fire is newly launched, it’s app store consists of about 30 000 apps, and although it has support for android apps as well, it still lacks the range and variety of apps and software as that of an iPad. The Apple’s App Store covers as much as 200 000 apps and no app store is comparative to that of Apple.

• Price: The Amazon Kindle Fire comes for only $199. The iPad’s initial price starts from $499 and hence where it comes to pricing, Kindle Fire is almost half the price of iPad.

From the above, it can be concluded that the Kindle Fire is mostly meant for media works and storage. The iPad, on the other hand, has more support of apps and other services than the Kindle Fire. At The end, the iPad vs Kindle Fire decision lies on the users as to which tablet suits their need better.

iPad vs Slate

In the present era, tablets have become a hot topic to debate on. Day by day, we hear of a new company launching tablets even more competitive than the other companies. Besides the Apple’s iPad, the HP slate has brought more competition in the industry. People now wonder: iPad vs. Slate?

Basic features of iPad

iPad designed and marketed by Apple Inc., equipped with 1 GHz processor and 256MB RAM covering up to a maximum storage of 64GB, using the same operating system as the Apple iPhones, the iPad also has the capability of Wi-Fi and 3G service. The iPad only can  run applications from the official Apple App Store and covers over thousands of apps such as a dictionary, music-making, writing, reading and games, etc.

Basic features of Slate

The HP slate brings along more competition in the market. Comparatively lighter and easier to carry around, it is equipped with 1.6-GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB of RAM memory, Windows interface and HD display. Along with an SD card reader, Wi-Fi, dual cameras, USB ports, it proves to be a cutting-edge technology. It comes fully equipped with adobe supports like adobe flash and adobe AIR application. The HP slate also comes with a stylus pen/digitizer support enabling freehand writing and drawing.

iPad vs. Slate: Comparison

• Design: The slate is comparatively smaller than the iPad, and the touch interface does not prove to be as responsive as that of an iPad.

• Screen Size and Resolution: Slate has a 8.9-inch  screen with a 1024×600 display. iPad, on the other hand, has a 9.7-inch  screen with a 1024×764 display. Therefore, making it bigger and better than the slate.

• Performance: The HP Slate uses Windows 7 as its OS and runs on a 1.86 GHz Intel Atom Z540 processor and hence the processor is targeted to give good battery time rather than the performance. On the other hand, the iOS 5 of the iPad gives a blazing fast performance comparative to the HP slate.

• Online Browsing: The iPad provides a good web browser and decent email browsers, although it does not have the Adobe Flash support which in some cases might be a standout.  On the other hand, the HP slate runs on Windows 7 and therefore has the privilege of assisting and running any browser or software and in this way, it offers a user much more options for productivity of the tablet.

• Battery Life: The battery life of an iPad exceeds that of many tablets, running a straight 8-10 hours a day. HP slate, on the other hand, almost covers around 5 hours, and hence it falls short in this category too.

• Price: The iPad starts at $500 (16GB storage) and the price increase according to the storage, i.e. $850 (64GB storage). The HP slate initial cost is $800 (64GB of storage) and when compared with the iPad, it falls short as it does not provide a 3G service.

Although HP slate brings some competition in the market, clearly by some categories, it falls short in the tablet wars. Some people may still prefer a Windows interface rather than the iPad and so Slate does offer some competition but less compared to the other tablets. The iPad vs. Slate topic remains to be yet again the user’s choice, but considering the above comparison, the iPad proves to be a better device than the HP slate.

iPad Mini

iPad MiniWith the waiting of the release of iPad mini, Apple has broadened its scope to endless limits. The hot gossip in the market is that of the iPad mini: what, where, when?

Release Date

With rumours surfing around about Apple’s iPhone5 as well, the iPad mini according to latest sources is dated to be released by September 15. The reason for the release of iPad min at such a time is with the aim to draw more competition and audience between the newly released Windows 8 tablets. According to other sources, the newly yet to be released iPad can also be launched as a personal event in November later on this year.


Apple is known for its high priced devices, and for those who would like an apple but can’t afford to buy one, the big news arrives. According to Chinese sources, iPad mini is expected to be priced around $250-$300. From the statistics it is clearly evident that Apple provides expensive tablets, and with the release of iPad mini at such a comparatively low price, Apple tries to regain its customers and support that went for comparatively less expensive tablet providing companies like Amazon (creator of Kindle Fire).


  • Size and Display: As the name suggest, the new tablet will be supporting a much smaller screen then the other 9.7 inch launched iPad’s. Rumors confirm that the new iPad mini will have a screen size in the range of 8 inches with a similar screen resolution as that of the iPad 2. According to latest rumours though, the iPad mini is said to have a 7.85 inch display with 1 024 x 768 screen resolution.
  • Storage: As the iPad mini comes at a lower price than its other predecessors, rumors report that it comes with only 8GB storage as that of the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Galaxy Nexus.
  • Other Specs: iPad mini is said to come along with 3G connectivity and the other features as that of the previous iPad’s. From the leaked images, it is evident that the iPad mini does not support a camera, and hence falls short than the other tablets.
  • Battery Life: Apple has claimed the 10hr battery time on all its previous tablets and hence it proves to maintain this status. The expected battery time for the iPad mini is said to be 10 hours.
  • Operating System: The iPad mini is definitely coming with the latest version of the iOS. With a dual-core A5 chip processor and non expandable memory, the iPad mini seems to have the specifications as that of its previous tablets.
  • Speakers: With the leaked pictures, the iPad mini will feature two speakers at the bottom.

Final Verdict:

The yet to release iPad mini comes with full fledged features as that of other tablets, and the rumoured release date indicates that Apple is back in its game to yet beat the other tablet providing companies. With the intense gossip, many people await the grand launch of the iPad mini.

iPad Cost

What is an iPad?

IPad designed and marketed by Apple Inc., equipped with 1 GHz processor and 256MB RAM covering up to a maximum storage of 64GB, using the same operating system as the Apple iPhone’s, the iPad also has the capability of Wi-Fi and 3G service. The iPad only has the capability to run applications from the official Apple App Store and covers over thousands of apps such as dictionary, music-making, writing, reading and games etc. The touch screen of the iPad provides a very user friendly user interface which users will adapt easily.

iPad Mini

A newly launched smaller version of the initial iPad, the iPad mini has hit the market with many wows. The iPad mini is said to be priced around $250-$300. Launching something well in the budget of many people, the iPad mini combines all the same features as its predecessor but comes with just a hint of new gear.

iPad 2

Second generation of the iPad with better and improved specs, the iPad 2 comes in many models with which their prices varies. Equipped with better processor chip, new iOS, better resolution and camera, the iPad 2 come in a variety of prices. Available in two types, the iPad 2 Wi-Fi version only will cost one $399 which has 16GB storage. The Wi-Fi and 3G network model has a greater price than the Wi-Fi only model. This model of the iPad 2 comes at $529 also having 16 GB storage.

The New iPad

The new iPad launched by Apple is a more substantiated version of the iPad 2. Coming with a more advanced chip set and processor, better brighter resolution, and more application, the new iPad is a better innovation of the iPad 2. The 16GB Wi-Fi only model comes at $499, the 32Gb model comes at $599 and the 64GB for $699. The new iPad is also available in Wi-Fi plus cellular coverage models. These models are a bit high priced than the Wi-Fi only. The 16GB model of the Wi-Fi + cellular comes at a price of $629. The 32GB is priced at $729 and the 64GB at $829.

Conclusion:- The tablet computers launched by Apple, commonly known as the iPad have become the master and a renowned name in the market. A bit high-end priced devices, the iPads can be a restraint for people on a tight budget. But overall, the iPad are very good priced devices according to their specs and features.

Which iPad is Right for Me

With the launch of the iPad, a mix breed between a laptop and a smart phone, the Apple has become the ultimate iPad kings. With so many version of the iPad released, one really wonders to which should they buy.

Types of iPad’s

According to storage:

  • 16GB: The smallest and the simplest model of the iPad. Comes at the most cheapest price of all. Sufficient enough for smaller tasks such as reading, surfing etc.
  • 32GB: This iPad model is the next step more than 16GB, and is good for people requiring more than just surfing. It does not have much of an expensive price and is suitable for many with tight budget.
  • 64GB: For those hard core users, who would do almost everything and anything on their iPad, the 64GB massive storage proves to be beneficial. From searching, to photos, to music, to immense data storage, this model ensures no one would be worried about low memory space.

According to connectivity:

  • Wi-Fi only model: For at home users with available Wi-Fi service, or for those with all round Wi-Fi service, the iPad’s Wi-Fi only model proves to be beneficial.
  •  Wi-Fi and 3G Network model:  For travelers, who have limited Wi-Fi access at time, the Wi-Fi and 3G network model will prove to be a better choice, as both the options are available to the user at all times. This model does cost a bit more than the normal Wi-Fi only and the 3G connection also seems to be expensive. But nonetheless, for those business people out there, the 2 in 1 model is a better choice.

From above, as mentioned it depends on the user’s requirements, situation and needs to which iPad should be bought. With the availability of many cost effective models, one can easily choose to which will suit their budget better. Ranging from different storage capacities to data connections, the iPad’s are made according to the user’s needs. And hence with such comparison choosing the right iPad can become a task simplified.