Problems with iPad

Like any other device, there are many problems with iPad that can annoy you to a greater extent.­­ These problems with iPad are going to be discussed below.

  1. The Apple iPad is very similar to the iPhone. The main problem with iPad is the absence of multitasking, which a lot of users have complained about. You can’t play a game while talking to a friend on AIM or gtalk. The iPad allows you to perform one task at a time. That is the reason why some users have commented that the iPad is just a giant iPod Touch.
  2. There is no flash in the iPad which is another of the problems with iPad. These days, a number of websites are flash-based with games and online apps being flash-based as well. So, the iPad is not the prefect device for this objective.
  3. Another big problem with iPad is the need to plug in the special Apple adapter for charging and data transferring. Once the adapter is damaged, you have to buy another one. You can’t plug in a digital camera or any other device without the help of an ugly adapter. This is big put-off for users.
  4. Restricted Application Download is another frustrating problem with iPad. Only the Apple App store can be accessed for downloading apps. The iPad rejects any other app downloads without any reason. You just have to download everything from the Apple App store. Suppose if you don’t like the safari, you have no other choice. You just have to stick to it.
  5. Users of the iPad have complained about wireless internet access problems when the iPad is restarted or after waking from sleep mode. The company itself has admitted that there are problems with the iPad when connecting it to Wi-Fi. This is irritating as you have to reconnect repeatedly whenever you face such a problem with iPad.
  6. The touch-screen keyboard can be used properly if you lie on a sofa with your knees popped up or otherwise place it on a table and look down for a very long time so that your neck starts aching. None other than an Apple keyboard can be attached with the iPad to fix this problem, which is obviously expensive than other USB keyboards in the market.
  7. Another problem with iPad is that there is no wide-screen. There doesn’t exist any 16:9, you just have to watch the wide-screen movies on a 4:3 screen, and yes you are stuck with it, there is no way out.
  8. While on some other tablets you can make phone calls, it is impossible to make phone calls with an iPad. You must install a Voip application otherwise you are unable to make phone calls. This is another problem with iPad, which can cause its fame to decrease.
  9. Excessive heat release is another problem with iPad. This heat is produced in the battery when video gaming and other heavy processes are carried out. This heat can cause harm to your body.

These are some common problems with the iPad, and the company needs to fix them in order to maintain its fame and global reputation.

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