Reasons to Get an iPad

reasons to get an ipad 2There are numerous reasons to get an iPad, some of which are stated below.

1- Weight: The apple iPad is thin and light in weight which makes it easy to carry around, almost anywhere. At the moment, it is the thinnest tablet present in the market, thinner than the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

2- Battery Life: The iPad has a longer battery life. With a graphics processor and a faster CPU present, you can still play games, use facebook or perform other tasks, approximately for 10 hours. If you are not one of the heavy users, a sensible use of the iPad can make its battery last for a day.

3- Screen: The apple iPad is undoubtedly very attractive. The large screen is cool and gives you a larger than life experience one you hold the iPad in your hands. The Product is fashionable so everyone desires to be affiliated with the apple company.

4- iPad Applications: The Apple Company reported that there have been launched 65,000 applications for the iPad 2 and the number keeps rising every day. So your addiction with the applications will be satisfied as there are several applications present out there for you if you purchase an iPad.

5- iPad Games: Amongst gamers, iPad has gained fame as you can play games by slightly tilting the tablet or with the tip of your finger. The big LCD screen is incomparable with a captivating gaming experience. With the latest and enhanced elements added to the games, the tablet is pulling non-gamers towards itself as well.

6- Camera: Another reason to get an iPad is the camera. There are two cameras present, one at the front and the other at the back. Both of these cameras work together and can produce High Quality pictures and videos. The front camera makes video conferencing easy for you. You can have a face-to-face conversation with your friend. Switching to the back camera while talking enables your friends to see what’s going on around you. Using certain application you can edit your pictures. With the iMovie download your videos can be edited and the video recording becomes more impressive.

7- iPad Covers: The cool new stylish covers provide you with another reason to get an iPad. The smart covers protect the screen of the iPad in a magical way. The magnets present in the covers turn the screen off when the iPad is not in use. The smart covers are available in 10 different colors. With the help of the smart covers your iPad can stay scratchless for a long period of time.

8- Connectivity: 3G and the Wi-Fi connect you to the rest of the world no matter where you are. Use Wi-Fi to surf the internet but if you’re at a place where Wi-Fi is unavailable, use the 3G connectivity to check your facebook notifications or get directions.

9- Multimedia: The iCloud is an application which saves your data such as your photos, documents, music files and wirelessly transfers them to other devices of yours like your apple iPhone or your iMac so there is no need for you to connect your iPad via the USB cable to other devices and transfer your items.

10- Price: You are provided with another reason to get an iPad because of its price. The prices have been lowered internationally which has forced other companies to reduce the prices of their tablets. The iPad can be entitled as the price leader as it is somehow affordable for those who wish to purchase it.

So if you read our post about ipad vs laptop and thinking to buy an iPad, don’t waste your time. Just go and get it as the iPad is way better than a huge, heavy laptop. Apart from these reasons, there are several other reasons to get an iPad as it is aesthetically appealing and compelling.

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